My journey

Welcome! I‘m an Austrian singer, songwriter and performer, born and raised in the Northern forest quarter in Lower Austria, living in Vienna. My soul calls for me to raise my voice for important issues like the protection of nature, animals rights and emotional management. So I hope for you to get moved and inspired by my music. Enjoy!









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What I stand for

Love and compassion for all beings.

Protection of nature – our home.

Connecting with the true self which is one with all. Practicing Buddhism and driven by Buddhist believes, I’m deeply thankful for my master to teach me the most valuable things in life: reducing the ego and connecting with the true self.

Real self care and caring for the world. As humans we are responsible for the world we live in. We create the world we live in. What we focus on becomes bigger. The whole world is our family so it’s time to stand up for our brothers and sisters: our trees, our animals, our nature.

We are all one

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